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Property Process and Charges

Who will deal with the matter?

One of our Property specialist Partners, Rhapsody Skillcorn or Laura Joyce will deal with your matter personally throughout. You will always have access to her direct telephone line and email and will never be left feeling unsure who is dealing with your matter.  Our Property Assistant Mia will also be on hand to assist with the administration matter relating to you file.  

The hourly rate for a Partner is £250-£300 plus VAT.

Both Rhapsody and Laura are approachable and proactive in dealing with all aspects of Property Law. With over 13 and 16 years’ Post-Qualification experience, your will benefit from a wealth of experience in dealing with your matter.  

Perfectly Legal is regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority and has suitable professional indemnity insurance for all such work.

What are your charges?

Whilst many property matters are now seen as transactional, bespoke client service is not and there are many factors which arise during the “process” which cannot always be foreseen at the outset.  

Our aim is always to get your matter dealt with a swiftly and simply as possible for all involved, however we must ensure for your own benefit that you are protected from issues such as fraud and that you do not have any issues on the sale or resale or refinancing of the Property.

All charges for dealing with Property matters will vary slightly depending on a number of factors some examples of which are set out below.  We value a personal service bespoke to your needs so will always discuss your requirements in full at the outset to enable us to provide you with an accurate estimate of timescales and costs enabling you to budget for your matter.  

Conveyancing sale/purchase charges start from £950 plus VAT

Remortgage charges start from £650 plus VAT


Factors considered when quoting

•Leasehold Purchase – the lease contains and error requiring formal rectification which cannot be resolved by indemnity insurance

•Complex Legal Title – subject to restrictive covenants which have been breached or which may be breached going forward.

•Separate Representation for a Lender – private lenders or indeed some high street lenders require separate representation which involves dealing with a third party solicitor.  

•Help to Buy – additional charges apply which will be included within your quotation.  

•First Registration/Transfer of Part – in some cases (few) land is unregistered or transfer of part (rather than whole) of land is required.  

•New Build – usually subject to a strict deadline with substantial paperwork to be reviewed including planning building regulation and new build guarantee.

•Joint Ownership – this requires additional documentation to be drafted.

•Timescales – if you go to Disney land and don’t want to wait in line, you can buy a fast track ticket.

•Complicated ownership arrangements – corporate vehicles for example can be more complicated.  

•Bespoke instructions – requirements which are entirely bespoke.  

•Share of Freehold Sale – share of freehold transfer requirements can sometimes involve liaising with several co-freeholders to get documents signed and ID’s checked.  


Will there be hidden charges?

Disbursements are additional expenses that are payable to third parties (such as Search and Land Registry Fees or Stamp Duty). We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process and you will be notified in the initial quotation of any known disbursements upfront or if unknown as soon as possible (prior to incurring).  

If you are selling a leasehold flat the management company /Landlord may charge for providing a Sale Pack.  We will not know what that will be until we approach them for details.  

Some examples of usual disbursements include:-

Land Registry Title copy document3.00

Land Registry feePrice dependent  see http://landregistry.data.gov.uk/fees-calculator.html

Stamp Duty Land Tax Price and circumstances dependent see https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/calculate-stamp-duty-land-tax/#/intro

Property SearchesPrice dependent  

Land Registry bankruptcy search2.00


Potential additional costs

Redemption/porting existing mortgage (if applicable)125.00 + VAT

Bank transfer fee per transfer (out)45.00 + VAT

Bank transfer fee per transfer (in)20.00 + VAT

File storage fee45.00 + VAT

Electronic ID   verification16.00 + VAT

Acting on behalf of the   Lender (if applicable) 250.00 + VAT

Land Tax Return completion and submission95.00 + VAT


How long will this take?

Timescales are the subject of negotiation between the parties usually at the outset or via the estate agents.  We are happy to discuss any timescale requirements at the outset to ensure capacity to meet your requirements.


Complaints Procedure:-


We strive to meet the highest standards.  If this has not been possible or if you believe we could have done things better, we always want to know please so that we can improve.